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t r i p l e f  is a concept created by Federica Formilli Fendi with the creative co-direction of Carlo Alberto D’Emilio. It is a project that stems from their passion for fashion, design and furniture.

Federica was born and grew up within the family that brought Made in Italy to the world, matures her experience of professional and creative life within the Fendi family business and then dedicates herself, together with her cousins, to launch and development of the Fendissime brand.

Carlo Alberto made his debut in fashion as a make-up artist for the most important international trade magazines and over the years he specialized in visual merchandising by coordinating the image of Fendi stores around the world.

It is from this partnership that the  t r i p l e f  brand takes shape, with the will and goal of recovering and, in some cases, reinterpreting cult pieces.

t r i p l e f  is not just a logo

It is research and rediscovery
Acquire, evaluate and select design furniture, objects and fashion within one creative space and a virtual platform.

It’s a stylistic point of view
Combining iconic pieces, of quality and from different eras, redesigning contemporary living.

It is a conscious action
Recover and reuse existing objects to contribute to the development of a circular economy and the achievement of the goal of an eco-sustainable world.

t r i p l e f  carries out intermediation activities, acquires and resells private assets with specific percentage conditions and reimbursements to the customer after the sale


We evaluate what you want to offer us and we recognize the following percentages on the defined amount:


Each item we offer is registered with the date of acquisition. A discount will be applied from the initial price,
signaled by the presence of the F of  t r i p l e f , after the following periods from publication:

If you have something to propose, click here to send us photos and details of the object you would like to sell or contact us at +39 06 320 92 165
we will call you back for an evaluation.